The Search for New Values in Food that Can Lead to Better Diet and Improved Health

Our research and development efforts are conducted at two laboratories: the Microbiology & Fermentation Laboratory, where new technologies and materials are developed, and the Products Development Center, where new products are created based on research results.
To support laboratories, the Research and Development Planning Department keeps the activities of both laboratories moving forward in line with mid- and long-term R&D strategies.
Our research department's aim is to develop products that make full use of technologies related to lactobacilli and fermentation that have been developed over the long history of research and production of CALPIS®.
We are driving our R&D by focusing on potential of useful microorganisms, including lactobacilli and yeast, to develop tasty drinks and foodstuffs that benefit health.
Our research activities are based on our nearly 40 years of studies of microbiology, including the functions of lactobacilli, and our fermentation technologies.
In addition, we are exploring the micro world for more scientific evidence of the health benefits of our existing products and the unutilized potential of microorganisms.
The Products Development Center has been working on creating unique products in various beverage categories, such as milk-based beverages, fruit juices, tea and alcohol. The products are made using our knowledge of flavor creation acquired over 90 years of experience.
Our founder's resolve to make people happy by developing a tasty and healthy product led to the development of CALPIS® more than 90 years ago. This resolve still guides our company today.

Making health products with the help of useful microorganisms such as lactobacilli

Our search for food functions began with studies of cultured milk, which CALPIS® is made of. The discovery that CALPIS® Cultured Milk helps to lower blood pressure, and its functional element, Lactotripeptides (LTP), led to the development of the FOSHU (Food for Specified Health Use) product "Ameal S."
Recently, we discovered Lactobacillus acidophilus L-92, which has anti-allergic and influenza infection prevention (immunomodulatory) qualities. We have also discovered many new benefits of peptides and cultured milk made from Lactobacillus helveticus, such as improvement in vascular functions, skin-moisturizing effects and memory improvement. We are developing food and cosmetic ingredients by making these benefits part of a healthy lifestyle.
We will continue to develop new ingredients that contribute to improved physical constitution and condition, using our microorganism and fermentation technologies developed over the years.

CALPIS® Starter
(aggregation of microorganisms such as lactobacilli and yeast)

Lactobacillus acidophilus L-92 strain

The Pursuit of Tastiness

  • Development of tasty beverages and foods
  • Studies of flavors resulting from fermentation

The Search for Effective

  • Probiotics
    CALSPORIN®, an animal probiotics product
  • Immunomodulatory lactobacillus
    Lactobacillus acidophilus L-92 strain

The Generation of Health Value

  • Biogenics
    LTP, AmealPeptide
    Blood pressure control
  • Application for new functional
    foods and cosmetic ingredients

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