Corporate Philosophy

A Deepening Contribution to Society through Products and Technologies that Promote Healthy Bodies and Minds.

Basic Corporate Policies

To conduct business guided by the policies described below that would earn and maintain the trust and loyalty of our customers and people around the world.

  1. Enhance company's brand value
  2. Strengthen new business and new product development
  3. Enhance our unique technology
  4. Strengthen cost competitiveness and business operations
  5. Advance business globalization
  6. Pursue quality and ensure safety
  7. Pursue corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  8. Build a vigorous and robust corporate culture

Corporate Slogan: Karada ni Peace CALPIS®

"Karada ni Peace CALPIS®" is a message expressing our corporate philosophy in a simple and direct manner. It expresses our desire to be a company that creates new values, in terms of both physical health for the body (Karada) and emotional health for the mind (Peace).
With this slogan, we strive to uphold and offer value of health.

Corporate Mark

The large blue circle represents the Earth. The dots bouncing rhythmically across it symbolize Calpis.
This corporate mark captures our corporate policy to promote healthy bodies and healthy minds around the world by offering appealing, beneficial products and technologies.

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