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"Karada ni Peace Calpis," throughout the World

Since its birth as many as 95 years ago, the cultured milk drink CALPIS® has been loved for generations by the people of Japan, and its popularity only continues to grow. Originally conceived of as a concentrated beverage, the CALPIS® brand has now expanded to over 20 items, and has also established a presence in the restaurant and processed foods markets. We have earned the strong support of our customers by being a safe, reliable and exhilarating brand.

When our founder, Kaiun Mishima, discovered the nomadic people of Inner Mongolia drinking "cultured milk" (fresh milk fermented using lactobacilli), he was deeply impressed by the beverage. The combination of fresh milk and lactobacilli was key to the drink's delicious flavor and healthy qualities. After many trials and with much hard work, Mishima succeeded in creating his own cultured milk, and so CALPIS® was born. His motivation in creating the beverage was simple: the sincere wish to better lives by creating something both delicious and healthy. That same desire, expressed in our company slogan, "Karada ni Peace Calpis," remains the driving principle for Calpis Co. employees to this very day.

The lactobacilli and fermentation technologies used at Calpis Co. have been developed over many long years of research, and can be traced back to the company's founding. These technologies are used to create new value in a variety of fields, from our uniquely delicious beverages to our health supplements and animal feed probiotics. At Calpis Co. we strive to remain the same safe and reliable brand which has earned our customers' trust for so many years. As we move forward, from generation to generation, and across national boundaries, one mission remains the same: to promote the undeniable flavor and healthy values of CALPIS®.

Katsuhiko Kishigami

Katsuhiko Kishigami

President and Representative Director

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