Animal Feed Probiotics

We Provide Support from Production Field in order to Bring Healthy and Safe Food to the People around the World

Microorganisms, or microbes are microscopic life forms that cannot be seen with the naked eye. There are countless and tiny microbes that reside inside the digestive tract of humans and animals, and they may play important roles to control the overall health balance. We, CALPIS, apply our longstanding research and technology of microbes to contribute support for healthy growth in livestock. Our probiotics for animal feed is to effectively help the livestock farmers while keeping smile of consumers beyond the table utilizing great capacity of these tiny microorganisms.

Our Proprietary Probiotics for Animal Feed or Water Help Produce Safe, High Quality Livestock and Poultry Products

Available both within and outside of Japan, our CALSPORIN® and FINELACT® are animal feed probiotics that incorporate the use of Bacillus subtillis, Lactobacillus and other microbes to help to improve the balance of the intestinal flora and hereby enhance the performance and health of livestock.
As the need for safe and dependable livestock products continues to grow worldwide, livestock industries are feeling the pressure to offer livestock products that do not incorporate the use of antibiotics for growth promoter.
In all animal-producing countries, people are seriously concerned about the use of antibiotics in feed. The importance of reducing antibiotic usage in animal production is a topical issue.
By virtue of enabling livestock breeders to raise animals without depending on antibiotics and being tailored for efficient use in animal feed, CALSPORIN® and FINELACT® are receiving remarkable attention from livestock industries overseas as a part of the solution. Scientifically-designed trials implemented both within and outside of Japan testify to the growth-boosting effects of CALSPORIN®, which is currently utilized by major meat producers both domestically and overseas.
We currently engage in sales activities paired with technical support worldwide to serve the interests of such producers while also ensuring that consumers at the end of the chain are able to get their hands on livestock products that are both safe and delicious.

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