International Beverages

Let's Fill the World with Peace. Because We Love to See the Whole World Smile

We hope that one day all the people of the world will get to experience the one-and-only flavor of delicious and healthy CALPIS®. To help see this happen, we are concentrating on expanding our beverage business internationally, bringing CALPIS® to Asia and the world beyond.

Calpis Co.'s international beverage business is committed to offering the unparalleled flavor of CALPIS® in a form best suited to each country's culture and economic climate. In neighborhoods throughout the world, we hope to see CALPIS® products and beverages specifically suited to the area. By introducing CALPIS® brand, our goal is to deliver worldwide smiles.

Bringing Happiness and Comfort. Bringing CALPIS® to the World

Our eating habits are closely related to the climates, cultures and lifestyles of our regions. In order to run a successful beverage business overseas, it is important to grasp the characters and features of each country, and to offer value tailored to those local markets.
Currently, Calpis Co. has local subsidiaries and offices in eight locations across the world. Each location offers the healthy and delicious flavor of CALPIS® through products specially designed for the region. Because, even when we can't speak the same language, we believe that a good product will bring smiles to people's faces.

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