Functional Foods

Through Technologies Borne from Our Pursuit of Lactobacilli and Fermented Milk, We Strive to Do Our Part to Keep People Feeling Healthy and Happy Every Day

Our founder, Kaiun Mishima, created CALPIS® in order to contribute to people's health and happiness through the use of lactobacilli. At Calpis Co., we have inherited this same determination, which is why we have spent years researching lactobacilli and other effective microorganisms. Behind this research is the sincere hope that our results will help customers spend every day feeling healthy and happy. We will continue to offer wholly-unique functional foods with this sentiment in mind.

We Use Special Beneficial Microorganisms, Compounds and Technologies in Our Many Mail Order "Functional Foods"

Calpis Co. offers a range of functional foods which make use of our own original compounds and technologies. Products include "ARERU-CARE," which contains the functional lactobacillus, Lactobacillus acidophilus L-92 strain, "SHINAYAKA-CARE," with distinct peptides, and "BIOMINE," with the new probiotic strain C-3102. We offer these supplements and other functional foods to customers via mail-order to provide support for healthier lifestyles.
Following the consolidation of our business with ASAHI FOOD & HEALTHCARE CO., LTD.'s mail-order business in April 2014, "Young Apple Polyphenol" tablets containing the Asahi group's proprietary ingredient "apple polyphenol" have been added to our products to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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