Professional-Use Products

Fresh Creations in Flavor and Taste for Every Culinary Scene

CALPIS® is made from fresh, unprocessed milk — the same high-quality milk used to create our dairy products such as butter and fresh cream. Adding the lactobacilli and fermentation techniques cultivated in the manufacturing of CALPIS® further enhances the taste, creating a fresh evolution in flavor and taste.

Our Institutional & Industrial Products Business exists especially to serve food experts, restaurant outlets, confectioneries, wholesale manufacturers and other culinary professionals by offering quality goods and services. In recent years we have even collaborated with several companies to create special products, such as sweets or breads, which allow consumers to enjoy the delicious taste of CALPIS® in a variety of new forms.

Rich Flavorful and Tasty Dairy Products Crafted with Quality Ingredients and Unparalleled Technique

The advanced dairy processing techniques and strict quality controls developed through the manufacturing of CALPIS® are also used to create our premium dairy products, such as butters or fresh creams. These products are made from milkfat produced from the highest quality fresh milk.
Our dairy products are distributed by Calpis Foods Service Co., Ltd., and are available through professional channels and at department stores and mass retailers (butter only). A preferred product of deluxe class restaurants, hotels and confectioneries, our dairy products help to create ‘the added value of flavor and taste' so integral to these venues.

Enjoy the Taste of CALPIS® Whenever and Wherever You Are

In order to offer the delicious taste of CALPIS® in non-beverage variants such as ice cream and confectionaries, we work alongside a wide variety of manufacturers to develop and release collaboration products.

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